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All women aged between 16 and 65 years old with uncomplicated urine infections should be referred to:-

Pharmacist, who will assess and prescribe if required. Patients who cannot be referred to Pharmacist include:

. Patients allergic to Trimethoprim

. If unwell with fever, vomiting or back pain

. Haematuria (blood in urine)

. Pregnant

. Diabetic

. Recent treatment for UTI in last month or more than 3 UTI's in the last 12 months

. Patients over 65 years old

. Children under 16 years old

. All males.

These patients should be offered a telephone appointment, in the first instance with an ANP,who will assess and determine whether they need to be seen. 

Looking after your Wellbeing

For help in looking after your mental help during this time, please have a look at our wellbeing document - Looking after your Wellbeing

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